What Preparations Should Be Made Before Cabling System ?

Cabling system project after preliminary research, after determining the program, it entered the implementation stage of the project. In order to carry out the later work more smoothly, the preparatory work must be done in the early stage of construction, so that the construction is planned and carried out step by step, which is very important to ensure the construction progress and project quality of the project.


The pre-construction work mainly includes technical preparation, pre-construction environmental inspection, pre-construction equipment and construction tools inspection, construction organization preparation and other links, specifically, the following preparations should be made:

1. Design and budget preparation before construction

(1) Design the actual construction drawing of the integrated wiring, determine the location of the wiring, and use it for construction personnel and supervisors.

(2) Make construction material budget table, and prepare materials according to the material budget table.

(3) Formulate the construction schedule. To leave appropriate room, unexpected things may occur at any time during the construction process, should be immediately coordinated to solve.

(4) Submit a commencement report to the engineering unit.

2. Verification before construction

(1) Master engineering design and construction drawings

Familiar with engineering design and construction drawings, must be the design description, construction drawings and project budget and other major parts of each other, carefully check, fully understand the technical plan and design intention, if necessary through the field technical disclosure, a comprehensive understanding of the basic content of all engineering construction.

(2) Site investigation of the environment and construction conditions of the project

Before construction, it is necessary to investigate and understand the situation of various parts of the house construction (such as suspended ceiling, floor, cable shaft, hidden pipe, cable trough and hole, etc.) in order to decide the specific technical problems of laying cables and installing equipment during construction. In addition, for the equipment, the various process requirements and environmental conditions of the main line handover and the embedded pipe groove should be checked to see whether it meets the basic conditions of installation and construction. In short, the project site must have the basic conditions to enable the installation and construction to proceed smoothly and not affect the construction progress.

Generally, the following conditions can be met before commencement:

     1) The civil works in the equipment room have been completed, and the interior walls have been fully dried. The height and width of the equipment room door should not hinder the handling of the equipment, and the door lock and key are complete;

     2) The ground of the equipment room should be smooth and clean, and the number, location and size of reserved dark pipes, geosyncline and holes should meet the requirements of process design;

     3) The power supply has been connected to the equipment room, which should meet the construction needs;

     4) The ventilation duct between the equipment should be cleaned, and the air conditioning equipment should be installed with good performance;

     5) In the equipment room where the raised floor is installed, check the raised floor. The floor plates are firmly laid and meet the installation requirements. The horizontal error per square meter should be less than 2mm.


3. Material preparation before construction

(1) Cables, sockets, information modules, connectors, regulated power supplies, etc. for engineering construction should be implemented by the purchasing manufacturer, and the delivery date should be determined.

(2) All kinds of troughs, accessories and related wiring materials for construction shall be in place before commencement;

(3) If the hub is a centralized power supply, prepare wires, iron pipes and formulate safety measures for electrical equipment (power supply lines must be carried out in accordance with civil building standards).

4. Inspection of equipment, equipment, instruments and tools required before construction

(1) General requirements for equipment and equipment inspection:

    1) Before installation and construction, carry out a detailed inventory and sampling test of the equipment;

    2) The type, specification, program and quantity of the main equipment required in the project should meet the design requirements;

    3) The number of cables and main equipment must meet the requirements of continuous construction;

    4) Records shall be made of the main equipment that have been inventory, inspected and sampled 

(2) Specific inspection requirements for equipment and equipment:

    1) Inspection requirements for cables;

    2) Inspection requirements of wiring connection equipment;

    3) Inspection requirements for connector parts;

    4) Inspection requirements for profiles, pipes and iron parts;

(3) Detection of instruments and tools: 

    1) Test instrument inspection and requirements;

      The test instrument should be able to test the various electrical properties of the three, four and five types of twisted pair symmetrical cables, which is considered according to the two-level accuracy requirements specified in tia/eia/tsb67, and pay attention to the safety of precision instruments during handling.

     2) Inspection of construction tools;

    In the process of tool preparation should be considered, every situation can happen, the use of a lot of tools, here is not a list.

5. Project schedule and construction organization plan

 According to the requirements of integrated wiring engineering design and construction drawings, combined with the actual conditions of the site, the supply of equipment and equipment, and the technical quality and equipment of construction personnel, the construction schedule is arranged and the construction organization design is prepared. Strive to achieve reasonable personnel organization, orderly construction arrangements and strict project management, at the same time, it should also cooperate with civil construction and other construction units to reduce contradictions between each other and avoid being disconnected from each other to ensure the overall quality of the project.


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