Network cable used for locomotive, escort the train running

Railways are an important part of the comprehensive transportation system and a major livelihood project. In the context of the country's vigorous development of new infrastructure, it is more practical to increase railway investment and construction, which will play a positive role in stimulating economic growth and the growth of related industrial chains. Because of this, the state has been vigorously supporting the construction of railways, especially high-speed railways, in recent years, and related upstream and downstream industries have also benefited.

Network cable used for locomotive1

As a cable for supplying power and transmitting signals in locomotives, it has also risen with the development of Chinese locomotives. However, although the locomotive cable industry has ushered in a business opportunity, behind the abundant business opportunities, the market has also put forward quite strict technical specification requirements for it.

As the life network of the locomotive, the locomotive cable carries the transmission of internal and external data information, control signals and power supply information of the locomotive. Most locomotive cables are surrounded or traversed between metal frames, and their electrical environment is very complex. When the locomotive runs for a long time, it is affected by adverse factors such as ablation, corrosion, humidity, high and low temperature, and its outer sheath is very easy. If there is damage, there may be various safety hazards.

Network cable used for locomotive2

Aipu Wharton focuses on the continuous exploration of the application field of wire and cable. The special data cable for locomotive adopts an innovative three-layer protective structure, oxygen-free copper core, and the surface is covered with an insulating isolation layer. The outer sheath is oil-resistant, flame-retardant, and halogen-free ( Low-smoke and halogen-free), thereby reducing the harmful substances contained in the smoke generated in emergency situations, taking into account the characteristics of low-loss and stable-amplitude cables, and increasing the anti-environmental influence of locomotive cables, ensuring the normal operation of locomotives, avoiding various potential risks

Network cable used for locomotive3
Product Categories LSZH shielded data cable Cat.5e 4-Pair UTP with LSZH sheath Cat.6e 4-Pair UTP with LSZH sheath
Product structure 2P×24AWG 4×22AWG 4P×26AWG
Diameter of the finished product 6.70±0.3mm 6.60±0.2mm 6.60±0.3mm

With its unique characteristics, the special data cable for locomotives is suitable for the application of cables in the internal power supply system, communication system and control system of rail transit locomotives (subway, bullet train, urban light rail, etc.).

Network cable used for locomotive4

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Post time: May-06-2022