MPO Pre-terminated System Applied to Data Center Cabling

Global mobile communications has entered the 5G era. 5G services have expanded to three major scenarios, and business needs have undergone major changes. Faster transmission speed, lower latency and massive data connections will not only have a profound impact on personal life, but will also bring great changes to the development of society, driving new application markets and new business forms. 5G is creating a new era of "Internet of Everything".

MPO Pre-terminated System Applied to Data Center Cabling

In order to cope with the faster network speed in the 5G era, the cabling problem of enterprise data centers is also facing an upgrade. With the explosion of data traffic, the upgrading and expansion of large data centers has become a more urgent task for the long-term and healthy development of the industry. At present, in order to realize the upgrade of the total bandwidth, the data center usually achieves this by increasing the number of ports and upgrading the port bandwidth. However, due to the large scale and large number of cabinets, such large-scale data centers are more difficult to perform daily operation and maintenance management, and have higher requirements on the structure and wiring of the data center.

Problems faced by large-scale data center cabling:
1. High-density ports increase the difficulty of construction;
2. Large space demand and high energy consumption;
3. More efficient deployment and installation are required;
4. The later maintenance and expansion workload is large.

MPO Pre-terminated System Applied to Data Center Cabling1

Optical port upgrade is the only way for large data centers. How to increase the transmission channel rate and achieve a faster network without increasing the cost of early operation and maintenance? Aipu Waton 's data center integrated cabling solution proposes to use MPO pre-terminated system to increase the number of optical fiber cores and provide higher port density. The wiring process saves installation time and cost, and can improve the security and reliability of the system, ensure the high flexibility and scalability of the system, and support higher-speed applications in the future.

MPO Pre-terminated System Applied to Data Center Cabling2

The features of the MPO pre-terminated system are as follows:
● Full coverage: The pre-terminated system consists of pre-terminated trunk optic fiber cables, pre-terminated extension cables, branch cables, transfer modules, pre-terminated boxes and pre-terminated box accessories.
● Low loss: Imported high-quality 12-pin and 24-pin MPO series connectors are used to provide standard loss and ultra-low loss.
● Optical fiber upgrade: Provide OM3/OM4/OS2 full series of high-quality optical fiber cables and components, which perfectly meet the requirements of various types of optical modules for transmission media.
● Save port space: high-density installation space (1U can reach up to 144 cores), saving about 3-6 times the space for the cabinet;
● High reliability: Pre-terminated enclosures and accessories adopt practical and reliable industrial design to ensure that users can quickly and flexibly complete the on-line use and delivery of equipment.
● Prefabrication: Pre-terminated optical cables and components are prefabricated in the factory, 100% are tested and provided with factory test reports (conventional optical performance test and 3D test), with complete product application traceability measures to ensure the successful implementation of the project.
● Safety: Provide low-smoke halogen-free, flame retardant and other optical cable jacket options according to project design requirements.
● Simple construction: The pre-terminated system is plug-and-play, and the number of cables is greatly reduced, the construction difficulty is reduced, and the construction period is shortened.
The MPO pre-terminated system solution consists of a full range of end-to-end fiber pre-terminated products such as backbone optic fiber cables, backbone extension optic fiber cables, modules, branch fiber optic cables, patch panels and jumpers.

MPO Pre-terminated System Applied to Data Center Cabling3

Whether it is the basic network construction of the data center or only a small amount of network upgrades, better cabling systems and cable management solutions are required to make the data center more efficient, safer and more organized.

Aipu Waton's MPO pre-terminated system is a high-density, modular fiber optic cable connection solution. Termination and testing are done in the factory, allowing on-site installers to simply and quickly connect the pre-terminated system components together. This solution is not only real-time and efficient, but also ensures the normal operation of network security, improves construction efficiency and shortens the construction period. By deploying such solutions, enterprises can not only create simple and beautiful data centers, but also improve the management of infrastructure and monitor network connectivity, so as to implement more effective management and protection of their data information.

Post time: May-06-2022