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In May 2024, AipuWaton unveiled a groundbreaking series of products and technologies at their highly anticipated launch event in Shanghai, setting new standards in the security and surveillance sector. Among their innovative offerings were AI-powered CCTV surveillance cameras and advanced cabling solutions, drawing attention to their roles as a leading Elv Cable Manufacturer and innovator in China Low Power Rack Server technology.


Integration of AI in Security Cameras

  • Face Recognition 

AI CCTV cameras from AipuWaton employ sophisticated face recognition technologies. These systems can identify individuals even in crowded environments, alerting security personnel about unauthorized access or individuals of interest.

  •  Object Detection 

These cameras are equipped with advanced algorithms capable of detecting and differentiating objects, from vehicles to unattended baggage, enhancing situational awareness and response capabilities.

  • Behavior Analysis 

AI integration allows cameras to analyze behavior in real-time. Activities such as loitering, sudden running, or other suspicious behaviors are closely monitored and analyzed, leading to timely alerts and proactive safety measures.

  • Intrusion Detection 

The systems are designed to recognize perimeter intrusions automatically, distinguishing between false alarms (like animals) and genuine threats, thereby enhancing the security of restricted areas.


Advancements in CCTV Surveillance Wires

  • Enhanced Durability 

As an Elv Cable Manufacturer, AipuWaton has introduced cables like the rs485 cable and tp wire with increased durability and resistance to environmental factors such as water, heat, and cold, ensuring consistent performance in diverse conditions.

  • Increased Data Transmission Efficiency 

These new wires are capable of higher data transmission rates with minimal loss, ensuring that high-resolution video feeds are transmitted without degradation, crucial for maintaining the integrity of video surveillance. This feature is particularly significant in contexts requiring China Low Voltage Data Cabling.

  • Simplified Installation 

The new wiring solutions, including advancements in tp wire and rs485 cable, are designed to be easily integrated into existing systems. They feature enhanced flexibility and reduced diameter, which simplify the installation process significantly.

  •  Classification Reports 

Each new product, from AI CCTV Surveillance Cameras to various cables, comes accompanied by detailed classification reports. These documents provide in-depth analysis and compliance information, crucial for deployment in sensitive and mission-critical areas.



The 2024 launch event in Shanghai not only showcased AipuWaton’s commitment to innovation but also highlighted how AI and superior manufacturing standards are transforming the landscape of security technologies. With AI-enhanced CCTV surveillance cameras and state-of-the-art wiring solutions, AipuWaton is setting benchmarks for the future of security, ensuring that organizations have access to top-tier technology supported by reliable China Low Voltage Data Cabling and comprehensive classification reports. These advancements not only promise improved safety and efficiency but also pave the way for smarter, more adaptable security infrastructure globally.



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