[AIPU-WATON] What is the purpose of a cable reel?


Deciphering the Four Primary Varieties of Cable Drums


Cable drums, specifically designed for the storage, winding, and unwinding of conductive or lifting cables, are integral to the operations of commercial and industrial facilities where cables like earth and instrumentation cables are deployed.

These specialized devices, available in a spectrum of options from basic storage units to sophisticated self-winding models, are engineered to securely and efficiently coil lengthy cables and wires for storage or transportation. Selecting a cable drum that aligns with your specific needs is key to maximizing your investment. This article delves into the main categories of cable drums and their optimal uses.


1.Wooden Cable Drums 

Wooden cable drums, as the name suggests, are constructed from wood, typically procured from sustainably managed forests to comply with ISPM-15 standards. Owing to their versatility, these drums find widespread use across various industrial and telecommunication sectors. They can be used multiple times or just once. Wooden cable drums are lighter and more cost-effective compared to other drum types.


2.Plywood Cable Drums 

Plywood cable drums are commonly used for disposable packaging. Similar to wooden drums, they are lightweight and straightforward, making them ideal for optical fibre cables, installation cables, wires, and thin plastic hoses. The flanges of a plywood cable drum are made of plywood, while the core material can be wood, board, aluminium, or plastic, depending on the intended use of the drum.


3.Plastic Cable Drums 

Plastic cable drums are fabricated from various plastic materials, with the choice of material hinging on the drum’s intended use and the environment it will be used in. The material also influences the drum’s price and properties. Plastic cable drums are typically used for smaller applications and are primarily used for ropes, hawsers, textile bands, hoses, lines, cables, and wires. Most plastic drums today are made of water PVC, which is easy to maintain and recyclable.


4.Steel Cable Drums 

Steel cable drums are robustly built from high-quality metals to endure heavy loads and harsh environments. These drums, which are more durable but also heavier and costlier than wooden reels, are used for a wide array of applications involving heavy loads. They can be used to reel in ropes, wires, and electrical cables and can be safely and neatly stored due to their durable construction.


  • Conclusion 

Cable drums come in various types, each serving a unique set of applications. The primary difference among these drums lies in the materials used in their construction: wood, plywood, plastic, and steel. As each drum has its specific capacity and ideal use cases, it’s crucial to choose the type of drum that best suits your intended purpose.


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Post time: Apr-24-2024