[AIPU-WATON] how to transport cable by forklift

How to Safely Shift Cable Drums Using a Forklift


Cable drums are essential for transporting and storing cables, but handling them correctly is crucial to prevent damage and ensure safety. When using a forklift to shift cable drums, follow these guidelines:

  1. Forklift Preparation:
    • Ensure the forklift is in good working condition.
    • Check the load capacity of the forklift to ensure it can handle the weight of the cable drum.
  2. Positioning the Forklift:
    • Approach the cable drum with the forklift.
    • Position the forks so that they support both flanges of the drum.
    • Insert the forks fully under both flanges to prevent cable damage.
  3. Lifting the Drum:
    • Lift the drum vertically, with the flanges facing upward.
    • Avoid lifting drums by the flange or attempting to lift them into an upright position using the top flanges. This can break the flange away from the drum barrel.
  4. Using Leverage:
    • For large and heavy drums, use a length of steel pipe through the center of the drum to provide leverage and control during lifting.
    • Never attempt to lift drums by the flange directly.
  5. Transporting the Drum:
    • Transport the drum with the flanges facing the moving direction.
    • Adjust the fork width to match the drum or pallet size.
    • Avoid transporting drums on their side, as protruding bolts can damage spools and cable.
  6. Securing the Drum:
    • Chain heavy drums appropriately for transit, protecting the spindle hole in the center of the drum.
    • Restrain drums to prevent movement during sudden stops or starts.
    • Ensure cable sealing is intact to prevent moisture seepage.
  7. Storage Recommendations:
    • Store cable drums on a level, dry surface.
    • Preferably store indoors on a concrete surface.
    • Avoid risk factors such as falling objects, chemical spills, open flames, and excessive heat.
    • If stored outdoors, select a well-drained surface to prevent flanges from sinking.


Remember, proper handling ensures the safety of personnel, prevents cable damage, and maintains the quality of your cable drums.

Post time: Apr-25-2024