AIPU International Cooperation(Trade show & Oversea Projects)

AIPU attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation. In the 1990s, the introduction of AT&T information transmission technology, and in 1993, the successful trial production of network data cable, to 1996 the introduction of Japan Sumitomo production line large-scale production. AIPU in the establishment of the beginning, always pay attention to the international technical exchange and project cooperation. “To be an excellent international national enterprise, To contribute to the global information transmission and visual management” as the enterprise development goal. Actively participate in various international project activities, and has established partnership with more than 20 international well-known brands such as SONY, Panasonic, Honeywell, Seagate, Intel, Milestone, WD. Forming an international marketing network covering more than 100 countries or regions in Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.


AIPU Oversea Trade Show

Middle East (Dubai) International Security Exhibition
It is the largest professional safety fire products exhibition in the Middle East. Covering all the major products in the field of fire and safety, the exhibition is a great event for professionals in the Middle East to exchange ideas. It is also a window for international companies to understand each other. To become an international business platform for the security industry in the whole Middle East and the Gulf region.


Global Resources (Hong Kong) security products procurement Expo
Bringing together many Chinese high-quality suppliers, a wide variety of the latest security products were displayed, attracting many buyers to visit. China’s largest international security products purchasing expo.
AIPU has been exhibiting since 2013. Participated in the international exhibition of Chinese security products, with special emphasis on the security characteristics of information transmission and digital high-definition equipment, which was approved by industry experts in participating countries.


Taipei International Security Expo
It is a comprehensive safety expo with themes such as information security, safety equipment and equipment, and fire safety. Since 1998, it has become the largest safety technology exhibition in Asia and has been successfully handled for ten sessions so far.
AIPU has participated in the exhibition for 3 consecutive sessions since 2012. Become an important strategic export for Asian users. The product and technology demonstrations at the exhibition were well received by customers.


India International Security Technology and Security Products Exhibition
It has attracted senior officials from national and public security departments and decision-makers from large companies from more than 30 countries and regions. It has become the largest, most professional and most anticipated security and fire protection exhibition in India and even Southeast Asia!
AIPU has been exhibiting since 2011. Better understanding and understanding of the Southeast Asian security market, and let Southeast Asia also better understand us.


British (London) International security technology exhibition
First in 1972, after more than 40 years of development, has become the field of well-known brand exhibition, its influence and radiation is extremely extensive, is one of the world’s three most influential international security exhibition.
AIPU has participated in the exhibition for two consecutive sessions since 2012. Become a strategic bridgehead for marketing in Europe.


AIPU Oversea Projects

Sudan Capital International Airport
Project time: 2010
Project Location: Khartoum (capital of Sudan)
Product category: AIPU cable products
Main product model:
BV cable, BVR cable, RVV cable, RVV cable, ZR-RVS cable, NH-RVS cable……


The African Union Convention Center
Project time: 2012
Project location: Addis Ababa
(Capital of Ethiopia)
Product category: AIPU cable products
Main product model:
ZC-RVV cable, NH-RVV Cable, SYV75-5 Cable……


Costa Rica National Stadium
Project time: 2011
Project Location: SAN Jose (capital of Costa Rica)
Product category: AIPU cable, video surveillance products
Main product model:
RVV type cable, RVVP type cable, high-speed ball, optical terminal machine, hard disk video recorder……


North Korea Capital International Airport
Project time: 2010
Project Location: Pyongyang (Capital of North Korea)
Product category: AIPU video surveillance products
Main product model:
Cameras, DVRS, matrices, monitors…


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