Access Card With IC Card or ID Card?

The definition of access control card is that the original intelligent access control system consists of an access control controller, a card reader, an exit button and an electric lock, and the cardholder can only quickly swing the card in the vicinity of the card reader (5-15 cm) once, the card reader can sense the card and lead the information in the card (card number) to the host, the host first reviews the illegality of the card, and then decides whether to close the door. All processes can achieve access control functions as long as they are within the scope of an effective swipe card.


Comparison of IC card and ID card

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The security of IC card is much greater than that of ID card, and the card number in ID card can be read without any permission, and it is easy to imitate.
The reading and writing of the data recorded in the IC card need the corresponding password authentication, and even each area of the card has different password protection, which fully protects the data security, the password of the IC card to write data and the password of the read data can be set to be different, providing a good hierarchical management method to ensure system security.

Security Cable

The ID card cannot write data, its record content (card number) can only be written by the chip manufacturer at one time, the developer can only read the card number for use, can not formulate a new number management system according to the actual needs of the system.
IC card can not only be read by the authorized user a large amount of data, but also by the authorized user to write a large amount of data (such as new card number, user rights, user information, etc.),IC card recorded content can be repeatedly erased.
Storage capacity
ID cards only record the card number, while IC cards (such as Philips mifare1 cards) can record about 1000 characters.

Offline and networked operation
ID card because there is no content, all its card holder permissions, system functions to fully rely on the support of the computer network platform database.
The IC card itself has recorded a large number of user-related content (card number, user information, authority, consumption balance and a lot of information), can be completely separated from the computer platform operation, to achieve networking and offline automatic conversion mode of operation, to achieve a wide range of use, less wiring needs.


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