[AIPU-WATON] Hannover trade fair: The AI revolution is here to stay

Manufacturing faces an uncertain global landscape, with challenges such as geopolitical conflicts, climate change and stagnating economies. But if the ‘Hannover Messe’ is anything to go by, artificial intelligence is bringing positive transformation to industry and leading to profound changes.

New AI tools showcased at Germany’s biggest trade fair are set to improve both industrial production and the consumer experience. 

One example is provided by automaker Continental which showed off one of its latest functions – lowering a car window via AI-based voice control. 

“We are the first automotive supplier that integrates Google’s AI solution into the vehicle,” Continental’s Sören Zinne told CGTN.

The AI-based car software collects personal data but doesn’t share it with the manufacturer.


Another prominent AI product is Sony’s Aitrios. After launching the world’s first AI-equipped image sensor, the Japanese electronics giant plans to further expand its solutions for problems such as misplacements on a conveyor belt.

“Somebody manually has to go to correct the error, so what happens is that the production line stops. It takes time to fix,” says Ramona Rayner from Aitrios.

“We have trained the AI model to give the information to the robot to self-correct this misplacement. And this means improved efficiency.”

The German trade fair is one of the largest in the world, showcasing technologies that can help produce more competitively and sustainably. One thing is certain… AI has become an integral part of the industry.

Post time: Apr-26-2024